Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hello! this is the official needsment assistant of Cliff Holds Poetry Court reminding thee that tonight be a night dedicated to prosody, rhyme and meter alike, so fill up your cuplet (or to or three) with spirits, wine and melody. At THE PUB from 5pm - 7:30 or until they kick us out, hope to see you all there!!

I have been slow to post the poems poetry court read last week, but here they are:

I had never heard of Weldon Kees, but as cliff informed us, he was a part of the beat movement, but died before it became famous. We read by Weldon Kees "the coming of the plague." This poem had dreamlike, post-apocolyptic imagery which reminded cliff of the next poem:

Lord Byron's "Darkness." This poem was shockingly modern, because its imagery alluded to something that wee al know as nuclear war

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