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Clifford's Birthday Hamlet on Jan. 25  (2nd Annual Revival from years past!)

Clifford's Birthday Hamlet on Jan. 25  (2nd Annual Revival from years past!) 

You Are Invited to
Clifford's Birthday Hamlet 
(2nd Annual Revival from years past!)   
THE YEAR:  1984
THE PERSON:  Clifford Schwartz (born, January 22, 1564)
THE FRIEND:  Victoria “Viki”  Maki (1952—2011)
THE QUESTION:  Viki asked: “Cliff, what do you want for your birthday?”
CLIFF’S ANSWER:  “For my Birthday? . . . I want to play HAMLET!”
THE SOLUTION:  Birthday celebrants gathered to spent the whole day reading Shakespeare’s Hamlet aloud – Clifford got to read the Hamlet character, while everybody else shared off on reading aloud all the other parts.

And Now, for the second consecutive year, 
Clifford’s dear friend Debra Ramsey revives this tradition!

BirthdayHamlet  Date: On SATURDAY January 25, 2014
BirthdayHamlet Location:
At a private home in Martinez, California.
For exact address:   Please RSVP to

ON FACEBOOK?  Please visit:

What to bring: potluck food and a copy of Shakespeare’s Hamlet (any edition).   Potluck Dietary GuidelinesPlease DO NOT BRING DESSERTS!   (Desserts will be provided by our hostess, Debra).   Please Do Bring Regular food for potluck: entreé dishes; salads; soup or stew; baguette & cheese; cheese & crackers; drinks; et cetera.  

Start Time: 10 AM.

Finish Time: “We go until it’s done!”  That means we finish reading aloud the famous Act Five of Shakespeare’s Hamlet (with appropriate breaks during the afternoon).  
NOTE:  It’s O.K. to drop in for a couple hours during the BirthdayHamlet.  Please rsvp to indicate the hours you plan to attend:  the opening/beginning @ 10 a.m; or the middle hours around  2 p.m;  or after 4 pm.

Potluck Lunch: 12 noon (or after we finish reading aloud Act. 1 of Shakespeare’s Hamlet). 

Children? –  Please contact Clifford Schwartz if you will want to bring anyone under age 16 to  The 2014 Birthday Hamlet.   (Clifford’s email: )  cellphone: 510-306-0206)
-------------         Please RSVP to

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