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Midsummer Night's Dream Shakesperience! on Sunday July 28, 2013

Please Join us in Oakland California for —    

A Midsummer Night's Dream  by William Shakespeare
 On Sunday July 28, 2013
In Oakland in the zipcode area 94618 —
For exact location, please RSVP to
 or voicemail to:  510-859-4604
[11:00 AM: Potluck +  Socializing
12 NOON: Start  
End time: when we will finish to the end of  Act 5!
Usually ending @ about 6:30-6:45 p.m.
unless "extra innings" will occur (see below)
Parents Need Babysitting: Please Hire 
Ye Royal Mistress of Babysitting for Shakesperience!  :
Ms. Isabella Miller
Tel: 415-686-3995]

IN 2013: Fill Your Home with 
Voices Reading Shakespeare Aloud!
Shakesperience! "Location Anchor Host”:
Host Ongoing Monthly Shakesperience! meetings in your home
 or similar clean, well-lighted, quiet space for 20 people.

 OPTION B:  Shakesperience! "Satellite Host”
Host a One-off Shakesperience! Workshop — Or limited themed series
 (a sequential Shakespeare History Plays sequence, or comedies sequence, or major tragedies sequence, etc.
in your home or similar clean, well-lighted, quiet space for 20 people.
Please contact Clifford Schwartz ( for details

Join us and bring your friends to
Read Shakespeare Aloud
with Camaraderie and Potluck ! ! !

Clifford Schwartz (MA.) invites you to
a facilitated group-reading workshop:

William Shakespeare’s
" A Midsummer Night's Dream"
in Oakland, California on Sunday, July 28, 2013

   No experience is necessary! This is an afternoon to be enjoyed by anyone yearning to “play” big, juicy, famous Shakespearean characters. Each participant will receive a new role assignment at the beginning of each new act, and both small and mid-sized parts will be available.
   Those with all levels of familiarity with Shakespeare are welcome. Beginners will learn from the more knowledgeable participants. Everyone will have opportunities to rest and just listen. We will pause to discuss Shakespeare’s language as we go along. The pace of the reading will flow successfully throughout the afternoon as we hold a balance between discussion and digression.
    “Raise a hand when you don’t get it!” is The Golden Rule!

Please call 510-859-4604 to rsvp for Shakesperience!  workshops.

Shakesperience!  A Midsummer Night's Dream
WHEN:  on Sunday, July 28, 2013:
WHERE:  In Oakland in the zipcode 94618 Area
For exact location, please RSVP to or Voicemail to 510-859-4604

*** Directions +  location provided upon confirmed RSVP.

*** Please note: you must RSVP to attend!
RSVP: To Clifford Schwartz at
Voicemail: 510-859-4604.
Please include in your RSVP : Name, phone number, number of people you will bring with you, what potluck dish you will bring (see below). Also, for Carpooling (see below), please indicate your starting point so that you may be put in contact with someone in your area.

WHEN: Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cost: Sliding scale , suggested $15—$50 contribution, plus potluck contribution.
For potluck, please bring substantial “eating-food” , i.e. an entree, soup, salad, nice dessert (pie, cake, homebaked goods etc.). You may choose to bring an appetizer or supplemental taste-sensation such as: Grapes  Cheddar-Cheese  baggette; Wine, crackers  cheese; or, ready-made sushi platter; or box of truffle chocolates, etc.
When you RSVP please tell us what you will bring. 

BRINGYour mind, your money, your adventurous spirit, your potluck dish contribution (see above); and a copy of  
" A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare  (any edition)


11:00 am: Potluck lunch /get to know your fellow participants.
 Consult privately with Clifford Schwartz about any aspect of Shakespeare, and/or the History of Poetry.

12 Noon: Workshop Starts

2:30 PM BREAK -- break time may vary slightly

Workshop Ends: When we finish the Last Act of the play!

 Mostly, ending time occurs around 6:30—6:45 pm.
WARNING: Shakesperience! sometimes goes into extra innings (like baseball!)
That’s because: 1) the texts of Shakespeare’s plays vary in length;
2) Our “Shakespeare Uncut” experience distinguishes Shakesperience! workshops from other Shakespeare-related events;
3) Heightened Camaraderie combined with Tremendous Good Cheer  the propensity for William Shakespeare’s “words, words, words” to Agitate the Intellect, Fertilize the Imagination, Nurture Emotions, and Lift the Spirit ——
may pleasurably prolong your Shakesperience! beyond any hard-and-fast ending hour!
THEREFORE — Please plan accordingly: understand that sometimes evening commitments require that Shakesperience! workshoppers will go home during “extra innings” overtime.

A personal message from Clifford Schwartz :
Shakesperience! is dedicated to the memory of
 Victoria Maki (1952—2011)
who stimulated the Original MacBeth Reading which took place in October, 1983. One day Victoria telephoned Clifford with an idea:"I want people to read Shakespeare to me all afternoon while I work on my quilting project. Can you help me find people to do this?"
 The friends who showed up for the October 1983 MacBeth reading had so much fun that they unanimously declared, "Let's do it again next month!" That first Shakespeare Reading club went on through 1984, and inspired Clifford to give birth to later versions in 1986, 1992, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2009, and now!
 All this has slowly evolved into Clifford's Lifework:
To organize ordinary people from all walks and stages of human life
to Read Shakespeare Aloud All Day Long.
* These workshops will hold a maximum of 20 participants. To ensure as many people who wish to attend will have that opportunity, we ask that your intention is to honor your RSVP. If you need to cancel, please do so as far in advance as possible so we can add an eager playreader from the waiting list.
* If the workshop is full when you call or email to RSVP, ask us to put you on the waiting list!
* Please keep in mind there will be no kitchen facilities available to prepare, cook or reheat dishes.
* We respectfully ask that you not wear heavy fragrance.
* These workshops are child-friendly. 
Special arrangements can be made for mature children aged 6th grade or older to participate. The child should already have discovered Shakespeare in school or summer camp and loved it! An adult must attend the workshop with the child, and both child and adult must first pass a telephone interview with Clifford Schwartz. For details and to schedule an interview please contact Clifford Schwartz .

Workshop facilitated by Clifford Schwartz, MA
Host: Gail Shafarman
His Majesty’s Royal Shakesperience! Assistants:  
 Wade Hampton & Cristina Baggese
His Majesty’s Royal Mistresse 
of Ye Baby-Sitting for Shakesperience! Parents:  
Ms. Isabella Miller —  
[Email:  / Tel: 415-686-3995]

Clifford Schwartz describes
his facilitation work for  Shakesperience! 

Over time I have developed a special format which allows me to facilitate a day of learning and growing with reading Shakespeare aloud for whoever may participate. Shakespeare beginners, Shakespeare aficionados, the Shakespeare-curious or the Shakespeare-shy all explore together under my direction as I blend just enough of what Shakespeare actors may do in rehearsal with just enough of what a Shakespeare professor may do in an academic setting.
   Unlike passively sitting in a theatre watching a performance, we ourselves make Shakespeare jump off the page. Unlike studying Shakespeare in school, we avoid homework, deadlines, essays, exams, and lonely hours of solitary study. Instead, we finish the day with an entire unabridged Shakespeare play living clearly in our imagination, and we cherish the connections that spring from our teamwork investigation into Shakespeare’s words.
   When you arrive I’ll welcome you with details of my special format. It goes far beyond the “round-robin reading circle” that many of us grew up with. I will have prepared precise notes for myself on the Shakespeare play chosen, and these notes will enable me to bring out from Shakespeare’s page whatever you will need to savor the afternoon.
   I’m looking forward to meeting you!

The shakesperience! Season for 2013:

Sunday April 28, 2013 :  
"As You Like It" 
by William Shakespeare

Sunday May 26, 2013 : 
Location: In Oakland in the zipcode 94618 Area—.  
 For exact location, please RSVP to or Voicemail to 510-859-4604
"Twelfth Night" 
by William Shakespeare

Sunday June  30, 2013 :
Location: In Oakland in the zipcode 94618 Area—.  
 For exact location, please RSVP to or Voicemail to 510-859-4604
"All's Well That Ends Well" 
by William Shakespeare

Sunday July  28, 2013 : 
Location: In Oakland in the zipcode 94618 Area—
 For exact location, please RSVP to or Voicemail to 510-859-4604
"Midsummer Night's Dream" 
by William Shakespeare

Sunday August  25, 2013 : 
Location: In Oakland in the zipcode 94618 Area—.  
 For exact location, please RSVP to or Voicemail to 510-859-4604
by William Shakespeare

Sunday September  22, 2013 : 
Location: In Oakland in the zipcode 94618 Area—.  
 For exact location, please RSVP to or Voicemail to 510-859-4604
King Lear " 
by William Shakespeare

Sunday OCTOBER 27, 2013
by William Shakespeare
The Annual Traditional Macbeth Shakesperience! for Halloween!
Location: In Oakland in the zipcode 94618 Area—.  
 For exact location, please RSVP to or Voicemail to 510-859-4604

Sunday November 24, 2013 :  
Location: In Oakland in the zipcode 94618 Area—.  
 For exact location, please RSVP to or Voicemail to 510-859-4604
King Richard the Second " 
by William Shakespeare

Sunday December 15, 2013 :
Sunday September  22, 2013 : 
Location: In Oakland in the zipcode 94618 Area—.  
 For exact location, please RSVP to or Voicemail to 510-859-4604
King Henry the Fourth, Part One " 
by William Shakespeare

Coming on two Sundays in January 2014: 
King Henry the Fourth, Part 2
Plus: The Annual Clifford’s Birthday Hamlet

Make reservations Now! Contact us at:
And — please forward this link:
to everyone that you believe might enjoy

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